Satal (Satalin) MSO Business

about us Satal Business Satal conducts training courses in business, management and sales, performing and managing digital marketing projects, and business and sales consulting for organizations. This collection is formed by the presence of reputable university professors and business entrepreneurs.




Satal, as a reference for training and business consulting and management with the approach of Iran and the world market, to provide training, consulting and implementation courses in the fields of analytics, business intelligence, project management, etc. It has also been managed with the aim of providing the most authoritative educational content, in order to select and translate articles from the best scientific sources. Providing educational and consulting services to the country's top organizations in the field of information and communication technology, including Satal's honors.



The first business school in Iran Specialized provider of management and business courses MBA, DBA, Self-Leadership Course, Online Management Courses, Comprehensive Courses for CEO, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager and Digital Marketing


About #Satalin Scan Satal supports the "Satalin" movement. This scan has been formed with the aim of creating a culture and informing support activities in the country's startup ecosystem. Every team work, every constructive partnership, every social responsibility that achieved the life and growth of the ecosystem, informed the country on this platform. In order to support this scan, more than 990 startups and internet businesses have been provided with support services.



A regular sponsor of your business Supporting startup events is one of the factors of Satal's social responsibility. We do not believe that events have been the pretext for change in the gap between startups and their constructive alliances and partnerships. If you are active in the field of offline or online events related to the startup ecosystem, contact us.


Satal Job Accelerator Satal's success is tied to the success and growth of startups and small, online businesses. Based on this, we seek to contribute to the growth and dynamism of the ecosystem by providing free infrastructure and expert advice to startups and start-ups. So far, more startups have benefited from this support. If you do not own a startup.